09 August 2006

Going Underway

My husband Michael will be underway on his ship from 21 August through 13 September.

Please pray for his safety, I cannot say where they are headed, but it is not a completely safe trip, so please keep him and all our military in your thoughts and prayers.

Thank you.

Le Mie Ragazze Belle Del Bambino

When people say: "It must be hard to have three girls so young, how do you do it?"

This should always, no matter what, be my answer:

Mie Isabela

Mie Sofi e Siena

(All fotos a few minutes after birth)

These girls have changed my life.

In so many ways, and every morning they show me the million reasons why I live.

I love you all.


My Mission

That sounds so official, doesn't it? Basically I just wanted to state my mission for starting my first blog. This blog is mostly for friends (new and old) and family members, to share in the girls' growth and and our life here in Italy. I will be posting many pictures here as well, as sort of an album, to help keep everyone up to speed on our growing beans!

Thank you for visiting, and please feel free to leave comments or email me.

And for those from JustMommies, this is Lia (ciaobella) in case you're wondering who the heck this crazy lady is...

Shape of a Mother

What a fantastic site. It's actually a blog, but moms are sending in photos of bellies, boobs, you name it, and it's a wonderful thing to see everyone being so positive about! DEFINITELY go check it out! There are other good links to sites for mommies there as well.


Note: you can either click on the title (Shape of a Mother) or click right here: http://shapeofamother.blogspot.com/

08 August 2006

The Girls

Here are Siena and Sofia, my crazy almost two year olds...

Sofi in the bath with astro-hair:


We feed her well, can you tell by those theighs?


Here is Bela at 3 months old...

For my next trick...

...I will post my first blog at 3:40 AM!
Here I am.

The girls are all sleeping, Bela woke up about 20 minutes ago to nurse, but she should sleep until 5 AM now, and S&S have been out like a light since 8:30 PM.

I can't believe I'm actually doing this (starting a blog), and I haven't been able to sleep either since Saturday night for some reason, it's been even cooler here than I've ever seen it, it rained on Thursday and that made the hot spell go away I guess.

Okay, well let's see if this works, I'm going to attempt to connect my flickr and blogger accounts for my next trick...maybe in the morning...wait! It IS the morning.

Go to sleep Mami.